Film Theory: Thanos vs Ant Man - Cracking Endgame's Biggest Meme!
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Marvel's Avengers: Endgame is here and no matter how it goes, one thing is for certain: Thanos is going to keep his purple bottom far away from any Ant-Man shenanigans. Theorists, the Thanos vs Ant-Man meme took the internet by storm! People made cartoons, they asked the actors during press interviews and I wouldn't be surprised if the new Fortnite / Avengers crossover brought back Thanos just to fight Ant-Man! Today though, we are bringing things back to science. Could Ant-Man really defeat Thanos by doing a little cave diving and using his suit to go all Giant Man? Let's find out!
Because Science... Ant-Man Vs Thanos ►
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Adam Bressler
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Allan Bernabe
    Allan Bernabe

    What would have been a better idea is to stuff Hank Pym's "suitcase" building into Thanos' colon. Then jump back out and remotely trigger the upsizing of the building.

  • Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng
    Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng


  • bloons tower
    bloons tower

    Could have used arg's stone. (Found in happy meal!) [If you know what i mean]


    well, this theory was dead already when you made this video

  • A J R
    A J R

    Why am I watching this the movie came out last year and I have a test tomorrow

  • Gabriel Dombach
    Gabriel Dombach

    It would be more realistic for ant man to use a shrink disk to shrink thanoses heart so small the he would die

    • Team galactic Grunt
      Team galactic Grunt

      You’re right...

  • Gandalf Stormcloud
    Gandalf Stormcloud

    If he's constrained, he's dead. Equal force expansion, hits a wall, Neurons law.

  • roblox mrs t v
    roblox mrs t v


  • adam rosengren
    adam rosengren

    What about his throat......

  • Deogratius Patrick
    Deogratius Patrick

    Am sorry wrong theory. Antman would crush into The. For dabutt theory

  • Jaisk

    Well if Antman would get crush I am pretty sure something like “vibranium” wouldn’t. We have seen that scoot has these discs that makes things shrink and grow. He could put a piece of vibranium with one of those growing discs I am pretty sure that it would obliterate thanos

  • strawberrygirl_ draws
    strawberrygirl_ draws

    I never thought I would see a video about this 😳

  • Raza Alam
    Raza Alam

    Ah it doesn't work

  • leo su
    leo su

    yes but ant man can stick something else up you know what then expand it (like how he expanded the tommas tank engine train) what if he used vibranium could that work i mean its very hard...

  • Dean Sanders
    Dean Sanders

    what would happen if ant man went in thanos ear crawled to his singular brain cell and then expanded in is brain

  • Lex Jastin Baltazar
    Lex Jastin Baltazar

    But what if ant man becomes bigger like at 80 ft than his normal size


    Ah....poor Marvel they missed a great opportunity

  • jo 1
    jo 1

    How to beat thanos Call the actor and sue him

    • Team galactic Grunt
      Team galactic Grunt

      Legendary comment sir.


    But... use the discs, have Scott bring in a sword or something micro sized then resize it whilst inside Thanos, killing him from the inside out.

  • RigenixPlayz


  • WildSquid 875
    WildSquid 875

    In the first ant man when Scott went subatomic u can see the reflection of hanks wife in his helmet. Has no one talked abt this

  • Mia Wanless
    Mia Wanless

    This is my forts on utter ferry’s I like this This theory What is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Screaming Cat
    Screaming Cat

    Anti-man Vs Bane-os, who will win Me reacting to this theory: *constapation hits hard, don't it b o I*

  • Erik Dani
    Erik Dani

    Thanos is an alien does he have a but

  • Erik Dani
    Erik Dani

    Thanos is an alien does he have a but

  • Erik Dani
    Erik Dani

    Thanos is an alien does he have a but

  • Erik Dani
    Erik Dani

    Thanos is an alien does he have a but

  • Erik Dani
    Erik Dani

    Thanos is an alien does he have a but

  • Erik Dani
    Erik Dani

    Thanos is an alien does he have a but

  • Erik Dani
    Erik Dani

    Thanos is an alien does he have a but

  • Erik Dani
    Erik Dani

    Thanos is an alien does he have a but

  • Erik Dani
    Erik Dani

    Thanos is an alien does he have a but

  • Erik Dani
    Erik Dani

    Thanos is an alien does he have a but

  • Turttle Draughn
    Turttle Draughn

    Ant man should then bring a sword?

  • rachel thundyil
    rachel thundyil

    what if antman went into his mouth and grew?

  • Spooder

    Ant man was not been seen in the war

  • Beetle The SilkWing
    Beetle The SilkWing

    Lmao I love PewDiePie's makeshift Game Theory logo

  • Soham Jadav
    Soham Jadav

    But of course, this is assuming thanos doesn't have a crazy digestive system made, I don't know, entirely out of steel or something, or else antman would have to be surgically removed or something Oh wait, it basically is

  • Those Rando Clips
    Those Rando Clips

    What if ant man uses a sprawls suit? Meant to do this? Would it be possible the ?

  • You Suck
    You Suck

    When you take the joke to far something like this video will become 1

  • Matthieu Gauthier
    Matthieu Gauthier

    Poor Hooke, that killed me XD

  • Matthieu Gauthier
    Matthieu Gauthier

    Yeah euh, no XD Didn’t happen sorry bud

  • Writing System
    Writing System

    Random thought: *Who's the guy that's MatPat's basic guy cardboard thingy? What if he watches MatPat's vids?*

  • Phoenix Of Air
    Phoenix Of Air

    So Thanos can eat ant man and die

  • Neri Hawks
    Neri Hawks

    The chivalrous watchmaker evolutionarily request because form primarily count by a ill mini-skirt. square, infamous party

  • Kia Pandora
    Kia Pandora

    When will Matpat and Kyle collab?

  • Satan

    "Reality is often disappointing" - Thanos

    • nich sulol
      nich sulol

      thanos: *snap* ant-man: *start expand* thanos:what the F*** i'm need poop!

  • Moon qeen Wot is qeen?
    Moon qeen Wot is qeen?

    I have come here to see the nude dancing of thanos and ant boi

  • Aidan

    what if antman just grows up to his 65 feet size in thanos

  • Nintendope

    I would say before expanding dive into it because you know... science with the mass, just to be safe

  • Tomra Shigaraki
    Tomra Shigaraki

    When he said “brilliant” I started to laugh and my dad is like you good

  • Punny-Jokes

    How has this video not been flagged yet? I mean how does a Lazzerbeem video on tic tok get flagged but this doesn’t get flagged?

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man

    But what would happen if he went further up the body, into other organs. Is there anywhere he can go where he CAN break through?

  • Matt Lee
    Matt Lee

    yeahhhhh but the thing is thanos is not a human. He is a titan

  • LaToya Banks
    LaToya Banks

    Paul’s Rudd’s so nervous because eventually he’ll know he has to go inside thanoses slimy but

  • Renilol

    There's no way he didn't get demonetized

  • InfernoNinja

    Pewdiepie: Look I go big brain smort to! Mat pat: That's cute.

  • InfernoNinja

    why didn't thanos just double the resources. would have had the same effect as halving the living population except nobody would try to stop him.


    but how about if he enters from the mouth

  • Lazer Dragon
    Lazer Dragon

    Matpat was wrong

  • JustMat

    everything in this theory immediately gets thrown out the window because in endgame he literally expanded to giant man while being crushed by the entire avengers headquarters

  • moe moore
    moe moore

    What if the hulk would've been wearing antmans suit, he could've maybe done it, get to work matpat

  • moe moore
    moe moore

    Ok so if his grip strength is that strong and his intestines and sphincter is that strong, how strong would his hard on be lmfao😂, a whole new meaning to hard-on

  • WingsOfWindXD

    8:11 iskall85: *Stares in omega*

  • Bill Knows
    Bill Knows

    Who said Thanos had a colon

  • Ben Ben
    Ben Ben

    I wish I could get honey on my phone

  • bugatti cotzartie
    bugatti cotzartie


  • Shelby Conners
    Shelby Conners

    When I clicked on to this video I was like... No matpat you wouldn't. But then I realized your like a cockroach. When it think your done with fnaf you just keep coming back. So you treachery knows no bounds you have officially broken a meme. I congratulate you👏

  • Brandyt890

    Not that I ever supported this theory, but what if they put something like a metal object in there, and then used one of those discs to grow it?

  • Karan Sedai
    Karan Sedai

    Meme theories

  • Emmanuel Romano-Toppetta
    Emmanuel Romano-Toppetta

    Why is this a thing’

  • Sumbody 69
    Sumbody 69

    There was so many factors in this you had to just had to guess that this is not only a shadow of a comparison, its like 70% speculation. Thanos is not a human he is a deviant titan meaning he already has much sturdier composition then a human. All of your calculations are complete and utter guesses and does not take into account his advance physiology. For someone how does go the extra mile on these shows you left ALOT out and it left alot to be desired. This basically has to be taken as almost no face value at all sorry.

  • Joshua Westen
    Joshua Westen

    The app store said Honey is not available in my county 🥺

  • castiel_the_smol_nugget boop
    castiel_the_smol_nugget boop

    The best theory

  • Tiaan van Heerden
    Tiaan van Heerden

    But the thing is will he keep growing if he dies and is there a possibility some of ant man's grown guts will go up and suffocate thanos?

  • Zackarykant

    Talking about this while I need to go to the toilet and take a dump why why

  • GIGᒪY ᑭOᑭ
    GIGᒪY ᑭOᑭ

    The stress, strain, squiggly train

  • Bghxsty Gaming
    Bghxsty Gaming

    Revisit this after endgame, when ant-man expands to the size of a building after the avengers facility is destroyed?


    I have something... What if ant man asked Wakanda to create a spear made from the strongest material in the MCU, ant man then would have brought the spear with him as he shrinks to the inside of Thanos, position the spear under his head anddddd... Expand!

  • Lori Higgins
    Lori Higgins

    He could also go down the throat

  • Carlson Joe
    Carlson Joe

    What happens is he goes through the ear

  • Wyatt Whitley
    Wyatt Whitley

    What if ant man when sicko mode and went giant.

  • Kyouko Toshino
    Kyouko Toshino

    Just go in his throat and expand.

  • Mr.DareDevil

    Bye crule world

  • Reena Patel
    Reena Patel


  • Blaize Godwin
    Blaize Godwin

    I’m watching this while on the toilet 😂

  • GremlinTheOdd

    Whether Scott would be crushed is a moot point, he’s shown in his own movies that he can also expand objects with the push of a button, so he could put a doohickey on a minivan, stick it up there, and letter-rip

  • Brenden Murray
    Brenden Murray

    *SPOILER WARNING* This was made before Endgame, but in Endgame prior to the battle climactic battle, Antman grew out of the collapsed Avengers headquarters. This sort of disproved the school closet scene from Ant-Man and the Wasp, but would this not increase the proven force of Ant-Man expanding?

  • Alex Skyfarmer
    Alex Skyfarmer

    I Think... MatPat is good at Math.

  • Talika [Reckless Gamer]
    Talika [Reckless Gamer]

    Is no one going to talk about how cool that intro was? I know I'm probably late to this but omg that intro with the Marvel comic rif for Film Theory was brilliant!

  • Wind Warrior
    Wind Warrior

    Ant boi

  • Watson Harrell
    Watson Harrell

    Jesus loves you brochachos.

  • Grayson Fontaine
    Grayson Fontaine


  • ChillRedDino

    What if Thanos's anatomic structure is different then a human. You have to think this dude is an 8 foot tall alien. For all we know he could have different organs then a human. For instance he could have some sort of organ that we don't.

  • Contranym

    It’s brilliant lol

  • Diego Morales
    Diego Morales

    ant man could still use the mini tank that we see in ant man in teh first ant man movie

  • Gbolahan Bams
    Gbolahan Bams

    Yay a nine year old kid commented on your video vid

  • Pedro Zamora
    Pedro Zamora


  • gallade gamer
    gallade gamer

    Aw boy, here we go.

  • ITZyaboiD

    But wait can't ant man grow infinitely so can't he just grow until Thanos explodes

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