Film Theory: Should Disney Buy Spiderman for $10 Billion? (Disney vs Sony)
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The tug of war between Disney and Sony over Spider-Man is one for the ages. Since joining forces to bring the webbed wonder into the MCU, if felt inevitable that Disney would swoop in and take Sony's prized hero. Yet, Sont still remains owner of our friendly, neighborhood Spidey. See, Disney is not willing to pay the amount Sony is asking. Should Disney bend to Sony's offer or are they missing a steal and, perhaps, their once chance? Let's find out!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Olichard

    Disney and Sony make Billions look so small.

  • Shadow Ninja
    Shadow Ninja

    $4 billion is a low low cost

  • missingindy

    What if Sony sees this and doubles down, and makes it 20 billion

  • missingindy

    So Sony gets the movie money and Disney gets the merch money

  • thonglo1

    Me:Sony just give Disney Soiderman.

  • Abhiram M R
    Abhiram M R

    matpat today, a teaser for spider man's new movie [No Way Home] released, and im wondering not about the movie but reagarding that under which company [sony or disney] does this film release because i have seen the teaser on sony [] and im wondering about this question ever since, so u got it right?

  • ur mom lol
    ur mom lol

    What if instead they just bought Sony

  • carealoo744

    'Earlier this year.' *checks upload date* So... January, 1st?

  • Blaze 10
    Blaze 10

    I kinda hope Disney dose not buy spider man cause Disney is like putting every marvel character into the cancer that is fortnite

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear

    Amazing intro!

  • Shaun Njazi
    Shaun Njazi

    Disney : "How much for Spiderman?" Sony : "Not for sell" Disney : "How much for the company?" Sony: Walks away* Disney: "Ohh I will get that company"

  • SwitchGamer27

    Spiderman is worth 10000000000000000000000000 dollars because he can be infinity rebooted!

  • Scxrd Vize
    Scxrd Vize

    “Hair does not matter money does” Matpat 2020

  • Yaqub Islam
    Yaqub Islam

    who is watching this in 2021

  • Avvi

    When you notice this is a year old

  • Coulson Conn
    Coulson Conn

    Spider fan meets his worst villain yet, the FNaF fan.

  • Strawhat

    *Virus noises*

  • Leonardo Garcia
    Leonardo Garcia



    Hope so that means it’s free on Disney plus

  • Mr Cucumber
    Mr Cucumber

    1:00 adding one to the list, no Covid-19

    • Ephraim Cooper
      Ephraim Cooper


  • Cool Gamer
    Cool Gamer

    Pretty impressive Disney

  • Ines Lora
    Ines Lora

    Just give it to Disney

  • louie j
    louie j

    Oh honey you don't know what you're in for 2020 is going to be a wreck

  • Munchlaxkitty

    “It’s been a long year!” -MatPat in 2019 “Just wait for 2020!” -Me in 2021


    Disney vs Sony

  • og_ _avnger
    og_ _avnger


  • wolf man
    wolf man

    Spider Man needs to be 100,000,000,000,000,000,000$

  • gallade gamer
    gallade gamer

    If only he knew...

  • Metanx

    Now disney shuld buy warner brothers

  • Metanx

    the battlefield got weird. lol. any pokemon fans notice that is the test that comes up when psychic terrain enters the battlefeild in pokemon sword/sheild

  • Everything - Marvel
    Everything - Marvel

    Just wait once theaters are open and Disney gets their money back, Sony is going down

  • JayTDM

    16:54 on your left

  • Steven Crighton
    Steven Crighton

    Sony gets gaming rights for all Marvel characters and Disney gets film/tv rights for Spiderman and its characters. Everyone should be happy with that

  • NicoRic12

    "Spider man: Comes home", next movie: "Spider man: Homeless".

  • Hael Halefom
    Hael Halefom

  • Hael Halefom
    Hael Halefom

  • Pencil-Phan

    Did anyone else hear the audio say "ev-ever" at 10:41

  • Gormass

    I honestly hope that Disney acquires the Spiderman licence. I love the interconnectivity of the MCU and all of the amazing characters in it but it feels less like marvel without characters like venom, doctor octopus and green goblin, etc.

  • bradley williams
    bradley williams

    Disney buying all Sony Products with Spider-Man - #DisneySonyDeal

  • bradley williams
    bradley williams

    Disney buys Sony products for Spider-Man

  • Sandy Chen
    Sandy Chen


  • Just Jack
    Just Jack

    See you guys in 2030 for the next episode

  • Sergio Jr Muwowo
    Sergio Jr Muwowo

    Disney will buy spider man if not sony as long as it makes them money 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰



  • Jillian Keller
    Jillian Keller

    You: I can’t wait till 2020 Me in 2021: are you sure about that

  • Kermit

    No one: Not even MatPat: Subtitles: *In Dutch*

  • Samuel McKay
    Samuel McKay

    I like that the mat pat had Baltic avenue in monopoly


    You always hated Disney and I don't know why.. Are you affiliated with them before or something?

  • kathy masterson
    kathy masterson

    What would you do if you went into a time machine to 2050 and Disney owned literally everything including police with Mickey Mouse hats and etc and your rent would go to them AND they bought the entirety of the universe

  • Yomero 247
    Yomero 247

    23- A D

  • FireBird537

    Seriously? You did a cat and mouse graphic and gave DISNEY the CAT ears. DISNEY is a CAT. Think about that.

  • Color Commentary
    Color Commentary

    Great video. One thing though. I know you try to make these videos as palatable is possible however it is definitely an oversimplification to say that the Raimi Spider-Man movies "single-handedly" ushered in the modern superhero genre. That completely overlooks the contributions of Blade and the X-Men which preceded those movies and helped put the opening steps in place.

  • Davis Carmack
    Davis Carmack

    MatPat had no idea what was to come when he mentioned that ‘New Year.’

  • Maphoka Mokuku
    Maphoka Mokuku

    Man......the mouse is getting greedy.

  • Laminad

    Sub and like

  • Leah Ng'ambi
    Leah Ng'ambi

    Spiderman is worth more than 5 or 4 billion

  • emrys

    Plot twist mouse house sets up a fake new comp that then buys Sony. The 'new' Sony owners gift mouse everything they want.

  • Eeveefor smashbros
    Eeveefor smashbros

    I now know that Footofaferret is the mouse.

  • lexi lex
    lexi lex


  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    No Never mind yes

  • Connor Gatlin
    Connor Gatlin

    To 2020 from 2021 2020 is bad trust me please

  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan

    disney is watching this right now and saying mat pat is gonna expose us

  • Priyam Awasthi
    Priyam Awasthi

    I don’t think he should be this excited for 2020....

  • omgbrah

    10:44 ever ever

  • Floppy Disk
    Floppy Disk

    It can generate more than 10 Billion for sure. Now imagine Spiderman and its related characters in Disney+, that's a lot of profitable material.

  • zafeer nauman
    zafeer nauman

    matpat: right?! me: yeah yeah matpat :(says right again but louder) me: no no, the answer is no, I hope?

  • GavinShyper

    WHAT THE FU-!?!

  • Patrick Devine
    Patrick Devine

    Lol, 2019 was a long year. 2020 said hold my beer, 2021 cracks knuckles.

  • Emily Ulrich
    Emily Ulrich

    2019 Matpat: It's been a long year... 2020: My spidey senses are tingling

  • Toady's Bizarre adventure
    Toady's Bizarre adventure

    That Spider-Man fan who got the T-shirt and the went to end game and homecoming... yeah times that love for Spider-Man by 10000000% and it’s me

  • Toady's Bizarre adventure
    Toady's Bizarre adventure

    Spider man is ♾ billion % worth 200000 billion dollars

  • Revano Federico
    Revano Federico

    2020 not the best year sad

  • Clarke Percival JaeBlood
    Clarke Percival JaeBlood

    Yo who does the voice for Mickey? Is it also MatPat?

  • Pinky Boy
    Pinky Boy

    Just wait and see, spidey will be disney's

  • That's Kinda Toxic
    That's Kinda Toxic


  • Shrimp

    It would be pretty cool if Elon musk butted in and bought Spider Man. He'd make real webslingers.

  • ChawMan_O.G.

    Honestly why can't Sony have rights to make their own Spiderman marvel LEGACY movies and Disney can keep producing Spiderman movies for the MCU?

  • carmen rotstein
    carmen rotstein

    #exsacly 1 year after the video

  • the icecream ninja
    the icecream ninja

    Happy birthday video your now a year old!

  • Jay Longoria
    Jay Longoria

    lol a year later, hi

  • The real goku
    The real goku

    Who remembers when this was new

  • Ronan McMahon
    Ronan McMahon

    It’s been exactly a year since this was posted

  • The gamer
    The gamer

    This has to be the worst start of the decades ever

  • Mr.Spudniks

    exactly one year ago

  • Alexboi2391

    i'm watching 1 year later still corona exists

  • Leroy Hastings
    Leroy Hastings

    Check out matpats new channel corporate theory

  • Cash Bastion
    Cash Bastion

    Laughs in late 2020

  • Vincent Yoo
    Vincent Yoo

    10:44 i know it's been a year since this came out, but here's a glitch

  • Libirio2cool

    Does anyone ever understand what Matpat says sometimes

  • Stale Popcorn
    Stale Popcorn

    5:55 Is that the default roku wallpaper?

  • Ksawery Nowak
    Ksawery Nowak

    Disney don’t have 5% of box office but 5% of opening weekend money !!!!

  • Orbit

    Me just hoping that Disney buys Spider-Man so they can put the movies on Disney plus

  • BA_ YoshiFi
    BA_ YoshiFi

    Do more videos with the mouse

  • Yoonyia Chang
    Yoonyia Chang

    you know it weird when you started watching him before his son was born makes me feel old but im only 13 oof

  • Eli Cowger
    Eli Cowger

    We had no idea what was coming

  • Lily YouTube
    Lily YouTube

    My Thoery Disney buys Americana and Nickolden

  • shandee theresa. castro
    shandee theresa. castro


  • Mira

    Who else was rooting for Sony to win and keep spiderman? ➡️

  • Tristan Wolf Gustavsen
    Tristan Wolf Gustavsen

    10:43 any1 else hear that?

  • Jacob Azbell
    Jacob Azbell

    why is 2b2d in the back rond??

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