Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)
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You read that right! Thanos' big plan for the Infinity Stones wasn't crazy! It was awful, sure, but maybe we were to quick to call it WRONG. Today Theorists, I'm playing Devil's Advocate as we try and figure out if Thanos' plan would SAVE US ALL!!
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  • HeavenlyWally

    This is incorrect because he would get rid of half of food sorcers

  • DartasPlays

    I get what you mean by double or infinite resources But wouldn’t that just make everything worthless?

  • Sibora Estrefi
    Sibora Estrefi

    Covid did thanoses work🤣🤣🤣🤪

  • NoWoW

    Theory: covid19 is thanos

  • Catilleon D
    Catilleon D

    Simple maths and statistics can't even fix congestion on the roads. If an economist actually proposed what is essentially a larger holocaust based on simple maths then I would hope a superhero team was nearby to punch that economist repeatedly.

  • Josiah Randecker
    Josiah Randecker

    Thanos the Rainbow Titan

  • Chris Strack
    Chris Strack

    Very good points but population isn't what causes hunger nor resources. It transportation and distribution of products. As well as supply of said resources. Theres billions of lbs of waste in landfills not because of mouths to feed but lack of distribution of said product. Also imaging if (by random selection) more than half the truckers and pilots distributing the product disappear. Now theres a bigger lack of capable distribution as well as farmers too. Can't transport what isn't grown

  • eğlenceli komiklikler
    eğlenceli komiklikler

    Thanos couldn't done killing half of population Corona: FINEEE I WILL DO IT MYSELF

  • eğlenceli komiklikler
    eğlenceli komiklikler

    11:21 Corona: hold my beer

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore

    Matpat's thanks sounds like es been smoking to much

  • G DB
    G DB

    if thanos did create infinite resources, then humanity would get greedy and want more, so... yeah

  • Lety Segovia
    Lety Segovia

    7,852,527,625 accttually

  • Solgato Blogopogo
    Solgato Blogopogo

    there's more than enough stuff, it gets wasted and hoarded

  • maxinaterz x
    maxinaterz x

    Nooooo!!!! not alia

  • J Englund
    J Englund

    # watch hack smith industries

  • Cubik's Playz
    Cubik's Playz

    Can you remake this theory now that this has happened (you know what), cause now you have a larger example of population decreasing. Also, it's a international scale of population decrease.

  • Nerdy Gamer
    Nerdy Gamer

    Anyone else getting anti vape and smoking commercials? Cause that’s literally almost all of mine. Like HELLO? IM THIRTEEN AND I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD EVER DO IT ANYWAY. LEAVE ME ALONE!

  • FightMeJello C
    FightMeJello C

    3:45 “YOU’RE INSA-“ Ad: You can’t finish this clip. *comes in 2 ads*

  • Warren Lee
    Warren Lee

    Thanos is a grape

  • unique enterprise
    unique enterprise

    11:16 now I know why covid exists

  • Gasper Englemann
    Gasper Englemann

    The rotten susan untypically intend because patient subsequently colour notwithstanding a wealthy baby. jolly, sneaky level

  • ʝσєl

    What happens if the number of life is on an odd number? Would the last person lose their legs?

  • אור בסו
    אור בסו

    Thanos is an angry grape with a stone collection. Change my mind

  • The real goku
    The real goku

    He’s shoudl of just doubled the resources

  • Polo A.
    Polo A.


  • Epic Sans
    Epic Sans

    When you think about it thanos is the Disney character with the highest body count

  • LunaNightshade

    I watched the dramatic recreation more than I should

  • Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8
    Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8

    Has anyone noticed that, after the Thanos snap wiped out half the universe's inhabitants, all the remaining heroes were on the original Avengers team.

  • James Dean
    James Dean

    Watching this during covid and seeing how the USA is handling it. Wow.

  • Sigrid Bjergbakke
    Sigrid Bjergbakke

    You forgot, that Asia and Africa still has a high population growth, as many are really poor. Plus some of the reason behind fewer Births are caused by female empowerment. Business women have few or No kids. If we women can control when and how often to get pregnant together with economically independence from men, we have fewer kids.

  • William R
    William R

    Even using the Infinity Stone to double resources you still have to take Equivalent Exchange into consideration. Something of equal value must be lost. A Life for a Life. "Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange."

  • jodie tyas
    jodie tyas

    Mat pat : the movie was perfectly balanced Thanos: YEAHHHH THE BALANCE

  • Prince Heaven B. Valdez
    Prince Heaven B. Valdez

    Why did Jake Paul didn't fade to dust???!!!

  • Lemory

    I honestly disagree with this theory. You can not justify killing one person, let alone half of the universe’s population. Perhaps you can understand it, but you can’t justify it. If I had the infinity stones I would just double the resources.

  • Ja-Mel Vinson
    Ja-Mel Vinson

    We love Urinetown!

  • superpaul

    My brother starred in a production if Urinetown, it was quite the "metaphysical" experience.

  • SuperCat Gamer
    SuperCat Gamer

    :female thanos: a small price to pay for salvation :matpat gamora: YOUR INSA- comercial’s

  • The Pakistan Dude
    The Pakistan Dude

    I was thinking that thonos was right but you tell the truth

  • The Pakistan Dude
    The Pakistan Dude

    He pridect the future

  • Error_404

    Why did none of the Avengers figure this out with their brains and came up with the idea to convince Thanos to make the resources of the universe infinite? Even better, why didn't Thanos work this out himself?

  • BG

    BUT. what if Thanos snapped away half the population, BUT instead of making it spread out through many countries, do it in enough countries to make it so that a few countries' populations would literally just go away, and so that it wouldn't be as easy to find out, because people from that country cant report it because guess what? they're D E A D. This COULD be a way that the governments don't find out as easily and therefore won't change the laws about amounts of birth given or whatever. (BTW, this is not fully thought out, clearly)

  • Rao Arsalan
    Rao Arsalan

    You've put an incredible amount of effort in this video.

  • maximumrisk2004

    Well, we are almost at 8 Billion. Its getting close and thats not good.

  • Nacho00

    Malthus was wrong

  • Phelix Millan
    Phelix Millan

    take out all the old women and men

  • Sebastian Church
    Sebastian Church

    In the beginning does he not realize he has 4 fucking channels

  • Domas 2
    Domas 2

    Hmmm is covid due to the Thanos Ideal?

  • Avanti Robinson
    Avanti Robinson


  • TheSuperiorSPIDEY


  • Willbert’s Life
    Willbert’s Life

    Matpat : To bad u cant build a wall to cover to entire planet actually u can it’s called a force field Me : WELL TO BAD U CAN ONLY MAKE FORCEFIELDS IF U ARE FROM THE FUTURE Me: maybe tho

  • DDhruv3

    "exponential growth isnt here now" India: are you challenging me?

  • OmegaX964

    There's a meme going around that goes like this: Thanos: "snaps away half of all life" Avengers: "Why couldn't you use the stones to create infinite resources?"

  • Double Diamonds
    Double Diamonds

    Just in case anyone is looking for a good fanfic to read there’s this one called Artemis: The Final Battle by loveyou3000_ in which there’s another reality where Tony actually built his suit of armour around the world

  • Jay D
    Jay D

    If he wanted to stop overpopulation why not double or even triple the size of everything (Except population)

  • Error 404
    Error 404

    just hope i will die before there will be 11 billion people

  • Its Just Jake
    Its Just Jake

    Mattpat smokes?! 3:00

  • teehan AKA bobZfish
    teehan AKA bobZfish

    When you realize if Thanos could wipe out half the universe with the snap of his fingers he could also create more resources for planets to survive instead of obliterating half their population

  • blastoise 14
    blastoise 14

    Hey Thanos pat did us some justice by getting rid of logan paul's vlog channel thanks


    Manos did exactly what he said he was going to do

  • Steinbros Stein
    Steinbros Stein

    Everyone: manos / thanos is a villain because he did not wipe away jake pauls channel Me: 3:01 um mat pat and 6:07 Thomas/ thanos hmm And thanos has a small nose for a big head And what about covd

  • hannah-hxrshxy

    here's the thing, even with getting rid of half the population, the growth will never stop. meaning at some point, the world will be back in the same place of almost "at capacity" and it'll all have been for nothing. his solution was only temporary, just as if he had used the stones for more resources or living space. he picked the one problem that will literally have the same outcome in every scenario (at least for our finite thinking)

  • Sairus 323
    Sairus 323

    Fun fact: thanos plan willl lead to more deaths actually than a half of population. For example half of nuclear power plant personnel will disappear. What will happen? Or a driver of a bus disappear inthe middle of a route while but is in at least half of the speed in the middle of a traffic. Its kinda like a speculation but think about that.

  • Travis Wald
    Travis Wald

    No, that's not how modern economies work. Resources are not finite, they are available dynamically dependent on how efficiently we acquire and use them. The more innovation we have, the more resources we have. If you halve the population then you halve the number of innovators and you halve your economies of scale, two of the most important factors in creating innovation. The worst part about Endgame was that it never countered Thanos' on a philosophical level more than just 'killing bad'. If he had just made half the population infertile, it would still be bad.

  • ddray1992

    Things would be fine if people werent so selfish and untrusting.

  • Dexter Parisi
    Dexter Parisi

    Thanos should have just made more earths and then split up the population between them

  • 9307 Theobald Bimasuta
    9307 Theobald Bimasuta

    Is it possible that Thanos is real and he created COVID?

  • Víkingur Traustason
    Víkingur Traustason

    But this is just on earth??? This effected the whole universe!

  • David Murray Holland
    David Murray Holland

    this is better explained by mouse utopia 25. I happen to be working on a musical concept based on "THE BEAUTIFUL ONES"

  • Blake Goplen
    Blake Goplen

    if he snapped 2 times that would mean 100% of the universe. how did they still survive.

  • Luis Venegas
    Luis Venegas

    So if I have babies there’s going to be 3 and. My brothers are going to have three kids I’m only 8 and my brothers are six and 4

  • Nathan Nyangiwe
    Nathan Nyangiwe


  • Yoel Fux
    Yoel Fux

    So matpat what comes out of what you're saying is that the Coronavirus that was killed a few million people worldwide may have actually improved life for the rest rest of us remained alive? That is just a mind-blowing thing

  • Jason

    Just SNAP!!! and double the universes resources.

  • Diler Mohammad 8A Celsiusskolan 7-9
    Diler Mohammad 8A Celsiusskolan 7-9

    Manos,, you need some training to your voice or they'll laugh at you. #ManosIsBetter

  • Miette Brown
    Miette Brown

    Nooo my vsauce channels I like noooooooooooooo

  • altumnrain

  • MazeNation :3
    MazeNation :3

    i love all the theories

  • Taz Barker
    Taz Barker

    I still get a kick out of his wife's Thanos impression.

  • Alejandro Otero
    Alejandro Otero

    Or it could simply have rendered 90% of the female population sterile

  • Corbin Schoulte
    Corbin Schoulte

    i am pro covid 19 now

  • The Friendly Gamer
    The Friendly Gamer

    But...Thanos was right

  • The Friendly Gamer
    The Friendly Gamer

    I keep coming back to this video every time I think about Thanos

  • Itz De
    Itz De

    there were vsauce fake channels, only the real one survived 😳

  • Chris Vuong
    Chris Vuong

    What China say can't be trusted it's all fabricated

  • 2B32 WONG WANG HEI 黃宏熙
    2B32 WONG WANG HEI 黃宏熙

    Here is a theory for you. What happens to a pregnant woman if the snap happens? Does the woman and baby count as one entity or does the baby and woman counts as two different entities and what happens when the baby disappears and what happens when the woman dissappears?

    • something shyy
      something shyy

      They would probably count as one. After all the baby at that point can't live without the mother.

  • Akshit Kumar
    Akshit Kumar

    So you mean covid is beneficial for earth???

  • Xogroroth666

    A wall would be more like a Dyson Sphere'ish thing, really. An energy field is not so much a "wall". As for thinking outside the box: first you need to understand... that there IS a box you're set in. ;) But hey, that TOO is just... theory.

  • Kiley F
    Kiley F

    2020 here ya there might be aliens right now

  • Pol Orendain
    Pol Orendain

    did not know thanos was an economic major

  • Robert Ristow
    Robert Ristow

    Urine town is one of the best plays i have ever seen

  • Mushroom_Sadness

    Matpat in May: Thanos was RIGHT!! Matpat in July: Thanos was WRONG.....

  • Cookie Dough With Milk
    Cookie Dough With Milk

    Ugh... Pewdiepie... I don't feel so good

  • Raza Alam
    Raza Alam

    so thats what corona virus is for

  • Sergeant MacNuggets
    Sergeant MacNuggets

    So basically it's either "Save Humanity" or "Save Mother Nature".

  • Raptorkid

    Wait 1.6 children? WHAT THE **** How should I imagine that? Ewwww

  • Ibz The Gamer
    Ibz The Gamer

    Thanos is actually rights because seeing his home planet died of population he wants to rid of 50% of all living creatures in the universe so the universe will be balanced

  • MultiBanse

    If everyone has 2 kids the population will only grow if lifetime increases.

  • Dinis Araújo
    Dinis Araújo

    Watching this post-Covid is a whole other thing

  • Flynn Coyote
    Flynn Coyote

    I don't think the Infinity Stones could have doubled the universe's resources. They're tied to the fabric and laws of the universe, so I don't think they can arbitrarily create more than what already exists. They only have the power to change what is already there.

  • Vinay Venkat Kruthin
    Vinay Venkat Kruthin

    We might support the Avengers OUTSISDE But INSIDE we all agree that Thanos was Right

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